A Typical D-Level Engagement

If you are a new D-Level customer, a typical engagement might involve:

  • A small pilot projectWe often find the best way for customers to start getting the benefits of D-Level technologies is by conducting a small pilot project whereby we build a real-world base application that uses real data. The aim is to create a base application representative of what you wish to achieve, that can be used in its own right. In doing this, we hope to show you what can be done using D-Level software, and at the same time avoid the costs and risks of a larger project, before you are completely satisfied that D-Level software is right for you.
  • Application DevelopmentWith the paid pilot conducted the next stage is full application development. You may wish to do this in-house, outsource to us, or employ a mixture of the two. Costs will obviously depend on specific requirements, but we are happy to give fixed quotes for well-defined blocks of work, or alternatively work on a time-basis. Whichever you chose, you should find we provide exceptional value for money thanks to our experience and skill sets.
  • Software LicenceFull licenses can be purchased at any point of the engagement, but please note that you may not deploy our products on a LIVE system before a full license has been purchased.

At D-Level, we recognize each customer has their own distinct business needs, and we pride ourselves on being flexible rather than dogmatic. D-Level view both the development process and relationship with the client as a continuum. Continually evolving method and responding to ever-changing market and client needs are in our view just part of an ongoing partnership. We work together with our clients to face challenges as they arise and make sure that the result is a true reflection of the client’s values.